No Compromise 5-7-19

Give ear to me this day.  The challenges you face as a nation are far from over.  There will be bloodshed, as a nation of devourers wishes to destroy you. I am a strategist, the greatest of all! Call to Me as I will place many who will block the enemy’s moves.  He is no match for the Great I Am.  I AM is moving in this nation to stir up My remnant, to instigate, yes I said to INSTIGATE the greatest revival yet known to this United States.  She has played with her lovers, she will know betrayal of these and yet I will remain to accept her back, bruised and beaten but dearly loved she will come home to Me.

Leaders will know that I alone am God.  They have played, they have strayed, but they will know My ways.  Pray protection over My people, as I will cover them and keep them from the evil one.  There is a pattern of destruction the enemy is planning, to bring about the take-down plan – but I AM will maneuver the greatest plan!  My people must pray, and stand in the gap like Moses, like Daniel, for the times do not permit business as usual. I will catapult out the pastors who linger on the edge of compromise. I will exclude those who refuse to speak My truth, and feed My sheep popcorn and candy.  The show is over, and now I AM will show up and show out and pluck up and pull out those unwilling to be Mine, to be My true mouthpieces for this nation.  They will speak My words or be removed.  No more Candyland playgrounds.  Be aware as I remove the old,  and set your heart to receive My new order.

The horizon – you see the clouds of confusion and enemy offenses – I am ready with an army hidden for this very hour. Take hold of shield and buckler and route out his plan – I go before you as builder and repairer and restorer.  My Samuels will be ready, prepared and anointed for these times appointed. Do not grow weary as each challenge is met by the Day Spring of Heaven. Forget not all My benefits and stand bright and shine for Me.

My people are not ready in this nation for what is coming. Prepare them, you must warn them of the impending horde. This will be trial by fire unless they learn to come before me seeking My face for their instructions daily.  You command your morning as I have taught, continue, be ready.

New York, New York! 6-20-19 4:18 am

National trepidation is upon this nation. It is on the horizon, near and disastrous. Only the steadfast and true of Spirit will understanding this warning.  You must heed, and tell them of it.  National awakenings come on the heels of disaster, when in their hearts they have nowhere else to turn.  The great shakings are in process, but there is one here now, a shaking so disturbing that My peace is the only place of true safety.  I am peeling the onion, the national onion of corruption and it is rotten at the core.

Stand in the gap, for this President must finish well and complete his next term intact and unhindered.  I will bring you to the place of safety and shelter from the coming days of woe. Your next assignment awaits you and is glorious in the midst of national chaos.  Be ready at a moments’ notice to step into the open door ahead – I will carry you, but you must obey quickly and not hesitate.  Watch for the sound – yes I say watch – for even as you hear Me in the night watches, so it shall be with this next move.

New York, New York! How the mighty have fallen!  You sat in the seat of the scornful and heard my Prophet David Wilkerson preach warning and truth, yet you have not humbled yourself and HEARD.  Now you will see the ax laid to the roots and it must be.  Watch as the ball falls – and as a sign will be My hand shaking New York – while you were sleeping, New York, your slumber and your apathy now have brought you low.  A raven’s nest with all sorts of ravenous birds sits above your city.  Those who love Me I will protect, yet a harboring of doom has been embraced by those entrusted with the protection of My gift, now your chosen route brings the clock ticking upon you.

There is one – there is ONE who weeps, who cries out before Me in the night for the soul of New York – and so as it was with Abraham and Lot, so it will be I will spare them.  New York, you were entrusted to lead, to be a shining beacon of light for all who would come – you have become a haven for devils and sold yourself to evil.  Watch, as the places I have given My President lie untouched. Your wake-up call was not heeded at the time appointed – a final warning lies in the folds of time. A stumbling block you have become for many and I AM is awakened to your pride.  No more, says the Sovereign Lord.  There are prayers before Me on the altar of incense- from generations, come up before Me. Your bowls New York are full of iniquity and a purging will come.

For those states who have mocked me, it will not fare well for – I have seen and heard your rebellion against My offering of life – blessing and cursing have been openly laid before you.  I will remember those who stood and spoke with humility and honor for Me, and I will remember those who mocked.  This day are the balances weighed and yes, MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPARSIN, a removal has begun.  Watch and see as you behold the reward of the wicked, be not dismayed as I remake My nation once more.  Headlines ahead – National mourning morning.  Plan accordingly and stay within My flame.

Watch as Mt. St. Helens begins to rumble – as she stirs, these are the warning rumblings – take heed O Nation of Thieves! You have robbed Me but no more – I will have what  rightfully and legally belongs to Me.  It is written in your laws.  I AM takes hold of My covenant and I will uphold it.

Jeremiah 18:6-17, Daniel 5


Three confirmations of this word have already come to pass, as of this entry, 7-4-2019.



Mantled with Purpose 2-17-19

THIS is purpose – to be mantled with purpose is to be mantled with destiny. There is no other destiny than My purpose for you, and there is no other purpose than My destiny for you.  Moving into those places of My Spirit and glory is My plan, indeed every step you take is a destiny step. Days on earth are but a mere shadow of things yet to come.

Come into that wild garden – come into a garden yet to be made – walk into the new section of My plan, away from the structures created and assigned by man and let Me show you how to create a well-watered garden, designed by Me. Look at My design; see the template and be excited for the new places yet to be discovered, uncovered, tilled, sculpted and readied for planting! It is your new day!

Look and you will see the blueprint begin to make manifest – I will breathe upon you, and all you endeavor to put your hands to for Me – do you see that door? It is small in your sight but wait!  It is a door to greatness, just up ahead and I will walk you to it, you will go through it, yes it is I that will cause you to do it – books are still in your future – I will take you to DC and there you will make decrees for me over this land – it is not but a small thing for Me to do. Be patient, it is not over, it is yet to come. Sow seeds, sow seeds while you wait. Takeoff is soon coming, make ready.  There will be fun in the Son!

Shake and Awake! 12-12-18

For the time of the great shaking is upon you.  The great awakening will cause the shaking. It is time for My people to arise and be the Kingdom Shakers the earth is groaning to see. No more waiting in the wings, the time is now for My miracle workers to come forth and be seen.  You have asked to see, to be a part of a great movement and a terrible company of mighty burning ones. And so your request is granted. But look not for it to appear a certain way, or in a specific place. Remember I told you the Kingdom of God is not predictable, unless I Myself make it so.  It is driven by the force of Heaven’s wind – and you shall follow My Spirit, as you have given Me your yes.  As now your eyes have been open to much which is not of My Spirit, you shall now move forward with much fruit and a deeper understanding of My heart.

You are at a lonely place, yet you are not alone. My company of lover’s hearts are hidden for such a time as this and now I am calling them forth. No fear, heading into the highways and byways and brambles and bushes to bring to Me My lost ones. Those who have shrunk back you will encourage and call out. An opportunity is hereby given for them to follow Me into the greater things and I am not tarrying.

A people will emerge which will cause devils to tremble and melt. He thinks to play his cards but he has no strategy against My Spirit. All hands on deck, I say!  For these are the cards I play; My hands in the earth and he will be dealt My mighty hand! Nothing I do is meaningless.  I am the great Chess Master. I have the Master plan, for I am the Plan Master! Behold, I send you out among wolves, but you carry My staff.  Didn’t I tell you I would shake them awake? These men of the earth who plan and devise their schemes are but mere dust. Be bold and prepare for My next move for you. Soak in the oil of My presence. Do not doubt Me, only believe. Tell them to believe My word and they shall see the manifestation of BELIEF.

September 21, 2017 (The shakings)

The sanctification of all things is upon you. My glory shall rest upon whom I choose, and I have chosen you. Whether you see it, as in natural means is of no matter and does not change the outcome. I am the Master of the outcome, and I choose and ordain the way of it. Henceforth there shall be no more suffering in terms of earthly measures, for I mete out the measure and definition of suffering and it is solely for the word’s sake.

In a coming season you will put pen to paper and write under the admonition of the Lord and the direction of the Holy Ghost, for I have a story to tell and I desire to tell it through you. You have written since you were a child because it is written in your book and is part of your destiny.  I have planted it in you and your eternity is written on your heart, and on My heart.  Quiet yourself and listen to the turmoil of the seas, for in it is the sound of the coming move of Me. A churning, a burning, a quaking – the enemy is upset and confusing many as to My purpose in these.  My purpose is always for redemption for even in the chaos I can be seen.  Perpetual motion, I am always moving.

An abundance is coming to you. More than you could ever seek to imagine, I pour out and into you; it is a spiritual abundance, indeed the seeds you have sown now come to you in full measure. You have been greatly opposed; and it has not gone unnoticed by heaven’s standard, for I will grant unto you as requested.

Write My words. You have seen yourself as less than and My power is not limited in you. Less than is not you portion, for I AM greater is in you. Heal the sick, for in doing this is the dying to self I require.  When men reject you, who cares? Men reject that which they cannot receive, for ample is My Spirit yet they have no knowledge of Me. Do not mind those. There will be vessels willing to be to be poured into and those who will draw on the wealth of anointing I place in you. There are seasons still ahead of great works so do not think I am finished with My work through you.  Stand upon the mountain of the enemy’s lies and declare My word and it will be as a plain!  Se it flatten under My word as truth prevails in every area, and will always cut the cords of the lies of the unfaithful one.  Detrimental is his way, only listen to what I say and be taught of Me. Stay on the highway of holiness for it leads to the wealth of nations. You are My silver one, My darling, and I clothe you with a coat of favor.  Straight up you will go and you will know it is Me.

None get My glory – I make it plain and clear your success is in Me! Discern between the angel of light and the Angel of the Lord for one allures but My Angel leads, in wisdom and guidance for your every step to be.  Follow My favor. There has never been a place of middle ground with Me – all through My scripture you will see – they either accepted and followed and embraced, or rejected Me. It is still that way, for I in you will always be one or the other. Remember the delineation line is becoming greater and will show clearly in your life even with those I send you to – it will prophesy to you as who, and what they are as you carry My genuine Voice to impart to a generation of seekers of Me.

Quakings are eminent – Wendy Alec’s vision of the west coast is upon the horizon. Arise, shine, for your light is come! Glorify Me in this hour!  There is a seed that I wish to sow. It is the seed of honor. Honor among men has become extinct in many places. To accept honor, and to give honor, both have an equal importance in My Kingdom. Receiving honor brings a humility of service and an accepting of My grace. Giving honor requires recognition of My Spirit bestowed upon a chosen one. Both are required in My Kingdom. My words do not fail.  You will set sail, launching out into the beautiful blue seas – the wind of My Holy Spirit will propel you to every island and every islander will see the light I wish to bear through you.  You are not limited by your own imagination, draw upon the images and visions I have given you and more will come.

The Culmination 11-16-18

Indeed it is a time for the culmination of all things.  It is harvest time – those who have sown into righteousness will reap righteousness – those who have sown into hell, will reap hell. This is not My doing – this is the result of seeds sown from man’s hand and the evil of their hearts. Remember as I told you of the vision of my servant Wendy Alec, upon the horizon? It is not afar off. Pray for My holy ones, pray, for a loosing of the bonds of wickedness in this place known as California supersedes, for those known by My Name.

California has been a playground of evil, and is in a state of disrepair. I will cleanse California – watch, as the revival clock is ticking – it is ripe, it is necessary. Do not despair over the Golden State, as My refiner’s fire will bring many hearts to the foot of the cross. This will begin in California and sweep across My nation known before as these United States, and once more she will remember her God, who formed her and will remake her for My glory. Watch, for even as My President steps up and makes a decree, uttering My intentions for this great nation, hear him! The Holy Watchers are in force. Do not relent in your prayers for this man as I go about removing the evil imprint of evil intent wrought through prior destructive forces of an old administration. Hear me now; how now, brown cow? Saturate him with heaven’s word, for today a beacon will stand and you will see the reckoning long promised.

I have connected him in heart to the one entrusted with My land. This is an undeniable friendship forged by My Spirit. Look, for in this day you will recognize My fingerprints and design. It is enough, saith the Lord.

Blessings from Above

In early 2016, right after President Trump took office, I had a dream.

In the dream, Ashtyn and I were pulling up into a town. We had just gotten out of the car when we heard two military type, large helicopters flying in low and fast into the town, then rise up to hover over the city.  Suddenly, I saw what looked like, from a distance, debris or some substance being poured out from the helicopters.  The town thought it was poison again, so we all were getting back inside our cars and houses. We had been accustomed to stay inside due to poison in the air from the atmosphere over the nation.

But as the helicopters poured out all this stuff, and the falling items got closer, we realized it wasn’t poison at all!  It was gifts, and prizes, and beautiful presents coming down! The helicopters came in closer and between them, held a beautiful banner that said in large, capital letters, “CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS FROM ABOVE!”

Everyone was clapping and cheering and so happy!  It wasn’t poison at all, and I heard the Lord say in the dream it was because of the New Administration He was bringing, through Donald J. Trump’s Presidency.

Later, some months, I had another dream.  In the dream, I was in a church service.  I was telling all of the people in this class or room about my dream of the new administration, and the blessings that were coming because of the change, how I knew it was because people had prayed and God had answered, and given us another chance.

However, there were church people- people who were supposed to be Christians–talking badly about President Trump, even though I had explained to them the dream I had about the blessings God was bringing in, through the new administration!  I was grieved in my spirit, and there was a young woman there who had a small son.  I began to tell those who were bashing him, that what President Trump was doing was to benefit the upcoming generations, and that they should look at the bigger picture. I knew that the dream of the blessings falling down from above, would be hindered by the ill-informed Christians. Suddenly, alarms began to sound, and we all were having to leave the building, because of a national emergency.

I was then in a prayer room with a few others. President Trump’s voice came over the loudspeaker, giving instructions on what to do. I was trying to hear him, as he was calmly and distinctly giving the instructions, but there were still people talking out of turn, and mouthing against him.

I knew, when I awoke, that God was showing me that the division in the church could be disastrous.
On Monday, August 21st, 2017,  I released this video
onto Facebook because God gave me a dream where I was standing on the platform of a church, addressing the congregation. In the dream, my voice was incredibly loud.  I was admonishing the crowd, and telling them that the reason God gave us Donald Trump was because of his mercy. In the dream, I yelled over them, “70 million babies….70 MILLION….”  I told them the church must pray, and repent, and they had better be praying for President Trump, and yelling to them “IT’S BECAUSE OF HIS MERCCCYYYY!!!”  One week later, our Pastor, unbeknownst that I had the dream, got up and gave the EXACT message that I had dreamt about and given from the platform in the dream, to the congregation!

I know that many who believe themselves to be good Christians are staunch democrats.  Many are die-hard democrats, who are that way because their grandfathers or fathers were of a class of men who worked hard, and believed that the democratic party was for the working man. I can assure you now that the party of their grandfathers is long gone.  The democratic party of this age is not for the working man anymore, and yet so many cling to it, still believing they are for you. They are not.  Not only are they NOT for you, they are for everything ANTI- what these strong, hard-working Americans believed. They have been infiltrated, contaminated, and controlled by such a force of anti-capitalism and anti-Christianity that it is demonic. I ask, do you who still align with the blue party of today, know what is at stake? What about their platform appeals to you? Have you even read or educated yourselves with their belief system or desired reforms? Do you support that an unborn baby, even all the way up till the day before it is born, has no right to live? Do you support and uphold gay marriage, pedophilia, and socialism? Should illegal immigrants receive what you worked for all your lives and share equally in it?  Do you support illegal immigrants that come in through the cracks in the walls, immediately get voters’ rights, full medical support and free help, while the people of this country pay for it with our taxes? Do you honestly support what several states are leaning toward, especially in California, removing the freedoms of Christians by saying they want freedom ‘from’ religion? Do you really think your grandfathers and grandmothers would support the democratic party platform of today?  Ask yourself that.  When was the last time that a democrat President had 7 ministers pray at their Inauguration for the nation in JESUS’ NAME?  

Besides what people perceive as democrat /republican conflicts, let me first say that this is no longer a party issue. This is a matter of life and death, socialism vs. capitalism, Globalism vs. Patriotism, and, ultimately, Good vs. Evil. In short, this is a spiritual battle for the very soul of this nation, for her destiny.  The democratic party is a puppet for the Shadow Government, or DEEP STATE, bent to destroy this nation, as it was founded by God. Satan thinks he can change the times and the seasons. With just a little research, you can find some earth-shattering information regarding what Donald Trump and the Military are actually trying to stop. Most of it would make you question your own sanity.

The choices for democratic leadership over the last two elections, both Barack Hussein Obama and Hilary Rodham Clinton, were, and are, traitors. Yes, traitors.  The blood on Hillary Clinton’s hands, the long line of death that follows her and the Clinton Foundation is incomprehensible. God began showing me this in dreams over 10 years ago. I saw it, prior to the Obama elections, over and over, and didn’t completely understand it until it began to unfold and play out. Barack Obama is a Marxist, groomed by his puppetmasters to be the forerunner for a socialistic takeover of America. He is a Muslim Arab-and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He took our American tax money to IRAN– both OURS and ISRAEL’s BIGGEST enemy– the only two countries in the world who stand for the One True God and real freedom and democracy, and delivered it to them on pallets full of cash, to fund their war against Israel and their enemies!  (Actually Obama was funding more than just a war against Israel..but we won’t go into that here)  Hillary Clinton is personally responsible for the Benghazi deaths of our soldiers and people still want to elect her for our President! This woman is a walking Jezebel. There is so much more I could say, but unless people are willing to think logically, and research the truth, the dimly-lit path of this party they follow will lead to a pit of deception and darkness.  I implore democratic readers to listen to President Trump’s speech here and understand, that what he says about the establishment and Deep State is complete truth.
One will never come to the truth by listening to the mainstream media who has been in the pockets of the Deep State for decades. They are operating on Satan’s frequency.

What is up to me, is to tell truth to anyone who will listen.  I am a spirit-filled, Jesus- loving, God-breathed-on and Spirit-transformed believer.  When I say spirit-filled, I mean I received the baptism of fire with the evidence of speaking in tongues many years ago. There is an additional baptism, which we weren’t taught as good little children growing up in the little baptist church.  And when that baptism of fire happens, there is an entire new level opened up to the Christian walk.  The bible comes alive.  The Holy Spirit pours out like living water. The word is alive! And, it becomes extremely difficult for the enemy to deceive a person who has the baptism of the Holy Spirit (not only water baptism), because He shows us things to come. His Spirit is active within us. Spiritual things become much easier to grasp and understand.

Honestly, God has shown many of His prophets that President Donald John Trump will prevail until God accomplishes His purposes through him. I believe that President Trump is a type and shadow of the Lord Himself coming to this Nation. A walking prophetic sign. Think about it–he needed no one’s money.  He wasn’t part of the “Establishment”.  No one controls him, and his wealth is indeterminate.  He tells it like it is, and cuts to the quick. I believe God chose him because it was His plan to bless us, and in putting a man such as President Trump as leader over this nation, is a sign to us. We received exactly what we needed, in a leader, for this nation.  God chooses what the world considers foolish, to confound those who think they are so smart and know better. And confounded they have been! The wisdom of God is from above, and not earthly. All through the bible, God revealed Himself through people whom the world judged not worthy. (Hebrews 11) I haven’t read about one perfect one yet.

In judging President Trump, they seem so worried about his moral failures of the past.  But none of the democratic supporters seem to mind that Hillary Clinton sold out her own nation, as did Barack Obama, on multiple times. Bill Clinton was having sex and performing sodomy in the White House and that didn’t bother the democratic supporters. Its been proven, over and over, that Hillary is guilty, the evidence has piled high up to the Lord’s nostrils, yet the Deep State continues to cover for her and the liberals wallow in their emotional mire, whining about her election loss. They lick their perceived wounds and lash out at anyone who genuinely tries to shed light on the evil at hand! Whether you voted for the Deep State cronies and Shadow government puppets, or whether you listen to the still small voice of God when He prompts and gently nudges you to vote for a more conservative, life-choosing, constitution-upholding platform will probably not change the ultimate outcome of God’s overall plan. But, I believe God is watching us individually very closely, and I believe our choices, even in our voting will have an affect on our own personal prosperity, both spiritually and naturally, and ultimately, eternally. It’s time to stop bashing the leader that has been put in place for us, and practice First Timothy 2:2-4:

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.